Saturday, September 29, 2012

10 Most Amazing Photos of NBA 2012

Ty Lawson on his 1st dunk attempt. The player with a height of 5'11'' and a weight of 195 lbs. looks like a kid and the rim seems oversized in this photo. I bet Lawson was thinking how coud he get down after this.

Baron Davis still manged to wave at his fans and smile after dislocating his knee cap.

The newest Big 3 -- Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden and NBA cannot do anything about it. 

This is the fragments of LeBron's performance with a score of 40 points and 18 rebounds. The game was against the Pacers of the EC Finals's Game 4.  

LeBron James hit 2 clutch free throws versus Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference semi-finals, Game 3. Well, I'm sure he's just doing what these people's signs were telling him to do.

Jeremy Lin on the bench. Unfortunately, he needed to ride the metal or pine for the NY Knicks' 1st round series versus Heat.
Larry Bird said his team (Pacers) was soft after they lost in Game 5 against Heat by 32 points. Perhaps he didn't see when Tyler Hansbrough drew blood on Dwyane Wade.
Even if you're not a referee in NBA, this photo definitely seems Zach Randolph is actually fouling Chris Paul. 

It's quite a surprise that most people sitting at the front row were not affected at all by these storm troopers taking over the home court of Orland Magic.

Kenyon Martin is not the NBA's nicest player but it seems here that Marc Gasol wants to change that by giving him some brotherly love.

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